Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NATIONWIDE~12 mo. Study~Creative Thinking,Stress,Deadlines,Organization & Communication~$20 MO.

ICG is an independent market research firm looking to get first-hand feedback from Adults on the ways you approach tasks, creative thinking, deadlines, stress, organization, and communication. Whether you struggle or excel with these responsibilities we would like to hear from you. We are hosting an online research community where you will be able to share your experiences and connect with other participants from across the country while getting paid for your time.

Are you better at coming up with new ideas or are you stronger at following detailed steps to complete tasks? When it comes to personal management and accomplishing goals in your life we would like to know what has challenged you, where you have had success, tools you have developed, and more about you just as a person. Our private online community will run for 12 months, and functions as a social network where, at your convenience, you and a select group of other community members can talk about your life, connect with others, and inspire new ideas for organizational products and services that could help people in the future.

In addition to benefitting research, participants will receive a base compensation of $20 a month for responding to a short group of research questions posted each week. Additionally, all participants will have a chance to win an iPad or other monetary prizes multiple times throughout the duration of the online community.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please follow the link below to determine if your eligible to participate.

    CHICAGOLAND~Grapeseed Extract Clinical Study~$300

    IIT Investigators are interested in understanding if grape seed extract can help blood sugar.
    • You may be eligible to participate in this nutrition research study if you are :
    -- between 40-65 years
    -- a Non-smoker
    -- carrying extra weight

    This study involves:
    • Four 5-hour study visit day.
    • Blood sample collection on each study visit day.
    • Compensation of $300 will be provided.
    • Contact us or complete a survey online today

    Phone: 312-567-5317 or 312-567-5300
    Survey :
    Clinical Nutrition Research Center
    Institute for Food Safety and Health, IIT

      CHICAGOLAND~Milk Study Clinical Trial~$300

      IIT Investigators are interested in understanding if milk beverages may affect brain function, appetite, blood sugar and/or insulin responses
      • You may be eligible to participate in this nutrition research study if you are 
       between 18-49 years
       relatively healthy
      This study involves:
      • Six 4-hour study visit day.
      • Blood samples will be collected at each study visit day.
      • You will be provided with a test beverage and snacks as part of the study. 
      • Compensation of $300 will be provided.
      • Phone: 312-567-5300/5316
      • Email: 
      Complete a survey online today

      Clinical Nutrition Research Center
      Institute for Food Safety and Health, IIT

      CHICAGOLAND~Murray Hill~Patients & Caregivers~$$

      Murray Hill National will be in your area conducting research.  We are looking for several types of patients and caregivers.

      To prequalify please take the survey by clicking on or pasting the link in your web browser

      SAN JOSE CA~IT Workers~$$

      Calling all IT workers!

      We'd love to get your feedback

      UEGroup, a user experience research and design firm located in San Jose, CA, is looking for IT workers to take part in a paid hour long research study during April 7th through April 9th. We're looking for all experience levels.

      Our recruiter, Elyssa, will contact you if you fit the studies requirements

      Saturday, March 28, 2015

      NATIONWIDE~City Research Solutions Panel

      Please give my name if you sign up!  Thanks so much~~~ Laurie Penman

      We are always looking for new members on our panel! We will award you 500 CitySurvey Reward points for each referral that gives your name.  Please have them visit

      If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

      Thank you,

      Wendy Koran
      City Research Solutions Panel Manager

      Friday, March 27, 2015

      NATIONWIDE~Focus Forward #15-244~Religion~$$

      Are you available for a 90 minute online focus group on Tuesday, April 7th at either 5:00pm EDT or 7:30pm EDT?

      Online study on religious views